Copper Top - "Arkansas Traveler"


*** First photo is of the crystals being sandwiched in between the copper layer and the aluminum layer in the pucks.

2 & 9/16th inch diameter at the base tapering to 2 & 1/8th inch diameter at the narrower copper top. 1 & 1/4 inch high.

Identical to the original "copper top" but including two distinctive, high energy crystals from my home state of Arkansas. I took the title from the old folklore story/conundrum of the Arkie who wouldn't repair his leaky roof, but really what is meant in this case is "traveler" through the cosmos. The homely little crystals of brookite come from the famous Magnet Cove area of the Ouachita mountains in south central Arkansas. Magnet Cove is one of the most densely mineralized areas of the planet.The little "bugs" of brookite are picked up by locals to make pocket money. Brookite was one of the great surprises of my foray into crystal energy - that something so unprepossessing could be so powerful. The "Book Of Stones" includes brookite in its select category called "Synergy 12." Brookite can be found elsewhere on the planet, but these little single crystals from Magnet Cove always feel more powerful to me.

Equally unique are the "solution quartz" crystals from the now closed Jeffrey Quarry just north of Little Rock, AR right at the southern edge of the Boston mountain subgroup of the Ozarks. These grow often as floaters like lemurian quartz, but in a weird gel called rectorite. As far as I know, this is the one and only site known for "solution quartz," and when it was first discovered in the 1960's it created a stir in the geological community.
The tiny solution quartz points I use as additives are completely clear with a faintly pebbled surface, and many of them are double terminated from growing free in the gel without attachment to a matrix rock. Their energy is very bright and almost tingly. Perhaps the unusual growing conditions have marked the quartz with unusual energy as is the case with lemurian quartz.
I learned a year or so ago that combining these crystals with brookite created an energy greater than the sum of parts - very, very high chakra that is felt emphatically in the head and then above the head. Orgonia has taken the combined energy of these crystals and created a super crystal that can throw that energy way out into space.
These crystals are a bit pricey and the supply is erratic. What is available from the now closed quarry was socked away years ago by collectors who are content to let it trickle out on the market. There is as much demand for it among "energy" enthusiasts as there is among rockhounds. The little brookite "bugs" are also hit or miss trying to find them. I have about 100 of them at the moment, but I don't know if this is something I can regularly offer.

The "travelers" do not participate in the "5 gets you one freebie" or rather they do but with a catch. If you buy 5 travelers (or some multiple of 5) the extra freebies will be the regular copper tops. That means in other words that any combination of travelers and regulars in multiples of 5 will still get you the freebies, but the freebies will always be the regular copper tops.

The price of $8.25 is for one puck.

Each "Traveler" has a round printed sticker on the bottom. (See photograph #3.)

There is another "Jeffrey Quarry" in Canada, so if you want to look up the Arkansas quarry specify "Arkansas" in the search string.

Please note that the outrageous shipping price quoted for shipping outside the USA is just intended to force international buyers to check with me about shipping rates first. On average a "6 pack" of copper tops ships outside the US for $24.95, but the costs are so variable between countries that I have to calculate them individually.

Update 2017: Photo #4 shows a new puck modification for 2017. All pucks, plaques, and desk pieces now contain crystals pressurized with binder clips. This increases the pressure on the quartz crystal way beyond the pressure of resin shrinkage alone thus boosting the orgone field considerably.
The only items not containing the clip are the "Good Luck" pocket piece, the Bre'r Rabbit pocket piece, and the Flower In Hand desk piece. These are too small to accommodate even the "mini" binder clips.
The Arkansas Traveler contains the Jeffrey Quarry crystals along with a clip pressurized larger quartz crystal.

The Arkansas Traveler pucks can also be "pulserized." See the option menu at the bottom for pricing.