"Copper Top" Wide Spectrum Field Pucks


2 & 9/16th inch diameter at the base tapering to 2 & 1/8th inch diameter at the narrower copper top. 1 & 1/4 inch high.

"Copper Tops" - For Counteracting and Repairing the Mental and Physical Effects of Electropollution
Strong sources of electromagnetic radiation stimulate orgonia to emit a sweet and coherent vibration that many people find calming and centering. Electrosensitive people especially call this material a “life saver” - it rescues them from the electromagnetic distress that creates psychological confusion, impaired biological processes, insomnia and lots of other malfunctions. With the proliferation of cell phone towers, "smart" meters," and wireless routers we are all electrosensitive now.

The mechanism by which this stuff works is still mysterious, but the main theory is that the metal shavings absorb and then reflect aetheric forces whereas the organic resin binder only absorbs. The two conflicting forces “scramble” the incoming electromagnetic energies which are then made coherent again by the quartz crystals inside. The quartz is under pressure from the cured, shrunken resin which somehow boosts the energy output. The end result is an energy that entrains the body and mind in a delightful manner counteracting the helter-skelter entrainment imposed by electromagnetic pollution.

My pucks use both copper and aluminum - just like the wall plaques - to gather and transform as wide a spectrum of offending energies as possible. The dense pure copper layer handles really dense DOR (deadly orgone radiation) combined with the lighter aluminum layer which handles the lower density stuff. The two different metals also create a directional energy gradient that experience has shown contributes to the forcefulness of the energy emitted. I personally think a sort of “virtual” galvanic effect occurs between the copper and aluminum thus adding some kind of powerful tweak to the energy.
The pucks also include several lithium bearing minerals like petalite which add the calming and relaxing effect that so many people report (see Customer Testimonials.) I also use only clear gemmy grades of quartz points in all of my work. I feel this contributes to greater force and clarity of energy.

It is not necessary to understand or believe in orgone theory to get its benefits—experience will tell you all you need to know. Placing these around or throughout a dwelling suffuses the environment with an upbeat, positive, calm, and centered feeling. Paradoxically, the nastier the level of electropollution the stronger is the energy output from the orgonite. Just carrying one in a pocket or keeping it at bedside can completely transform your being. I never cease to be amazed by orgonite.

. For a more thorough look at this material please read the web site's various headings. The plaques are suited to saturating a home or business's structural components with orgone energy - they are more subtle but deeper. Ideally, both types of orgonia can be used. The "copper tops" are a great introduction.

*Orgonia does not interfere with cell phone signals or any such transmission.

(Photos #3 and #4 show one of my puck displays at the "Dark Star Visuals" bead and clothing store in Fayetteville, Arkansas.)

*** International shipping rates for copper tops alone must be discussed with me before purchasing is made. The site shipping calculator is not able to figure international shipping for various quantities in a manner that reflects costs. You will see some outrageous international shipping charge like "500.00" when you calculate totals.That is just to force international buyers to email me for the actual charge. On average a "six pack" of copper tops ship internationally for $24.75.

*** Update on new additives. I have recently developed some new additives that add a bit to cost but are well worth the boost in power and warmth. (See link below)

Previous customers who have absorbed the original energy will notice something new in the energy of these. There has been a slight price rise to reflect the added expense. These are still a bargain considering what they accomplish and for how long.

In photo #5 you can see how these are packed - individually in their own sealed bubble pouch. A customer once likened them to "bon-bons."
Update 2017: Photo #2 shows a new puck modification for 2017. All pucks, plaques, and desk pieces now contain crystals pressurized with binder clips. This increases the pressure on the quartz crystal way beyond the pressure of resin shrinkage alone thus boosting the orgone field considerably.
The only items not containing the clip are the "Good Luck" pocket piece, the Bre'r Rabbit pocket piece, and “Flower In Hand.” These are too small to accommodate the smallest binder clips available.

(*Copper Top Special - For every 5 copper tops one free puck will be added to the order. Ordering 5 pucks will get you a total of 6. Ordering 10 pucks will get you a total of 12, ordering 15 will get you a total of 18 - ad infinitum. The smallest USPS flat rate priority mailer will hold 6 pucks exactly. The medium mailer will hold 36 pucks maximum. The largest priority box will hold 48 pucks.

The free pucks will not be listed on the checkout invoice but will be noted on the emailed update and invoice that I send everyone when their order ships.)
***Note that the pucks are $6.25 per puck not $6.25 for 6 pucks.