Copper Top Puck "Angel"


2 & 9/16th inch diameter at the base tapering to 2 & 1/8th inch diameter at the narrower copper top. 1 & 1/4 inch high.

The heart of this puck is that fabulous mineral called scolecite that I once heard someone say "makes your heart feel like it's wrapped in cotton." Exactly. When I first started to "get it' about stones and crystals years ago scolecite was one of my first big revelations. It had the relaxation of the lithium stones but with a somehow "bubbly" heart-warming energy that also partook of the higher energy points up there above the head and out into the wild blue yonder. It's like falling in love with a beautiful nun - you're not supposed to touch, but you don't need too. Just being close by is enough.
Scolecite is a member of the zeolite family and has the characteristic porous molecular structure that is absorptive. There are synthetic zeolites used for nuclear waste cleanup and as catalysts for chemical reactions. Users of scolecite as an energetic tool find that it "absorbs" negativity within the body, aura, and ambient environment. Chemical reactions are fundamentally vibrational, so often the physical applications of a mineral will manifest in the subtler realms too.
Scolecite is the calcium type zeolite, and calcium in stones is nearly always calming and restful. Scolecite is, like quartz, also piezoelectric and pyroelectric; so it can substitute for quartz in orgonite and yield a less intense energy. Some people find quartz to be a bit too challenging especially when amplified by orgonia, so a purely scolecite powered orgonia puck is gentler and slower, but it still gets you to the promised land which is why I thought to name the puck the "Angel."
The "Angel" uses three densities of scolecite (see photo #4) - the massive form for purely body relaxation, the opaque needles for body/high chakra blend, and then the clear needles for purely high chakra vibrations. All of these densities are found together in a typical cluster or "spray" of scolecite, and by careful separation of these elements they can then be recombined in smaller parts to fit inside a copper top puck.

The "Angel" is put together like the regular copper tops with the powering crystals embedded at the boundary between the copper layer and the aluminum layer. I think this is the secret to my pucks' extraordinary power - the boundary line between the two different metals creates a sort of virtual galvanic effect or tension that uber energizes the crystals (see 1st photograph.)

The "Angels" do not participate in the "5 gets you one freebie" or rather they do but with a catch. If you buy 5 Angels (or some multiple of 5) the extra freebies will be the regular copper tops. That means in other words that any combination of Angels and regulars in multiples of 5 will still get you the freebies, but the freebies will always be the regular copper tops. For instance, if 15 Angels are purchased, 3 free regular copper tops will added for no extra charge.

The price of $7.50 is for one puck.

Each "Angel" has a round printed sticker on the bottom.

Update 2017: Photo #5 shows a new puck modification for 2017. All pucks, plaques, and desk pieces now contain crystals pressurized with binder clips. This increases the pressure on the quartz crystal way beyond the pressure of resin shrinkage alone thus boosting the orgone field considerably.
The only items not containing the clip are the "Good Luck" pocket piece, the Bre'r Rabbit pocket piece, and the Flower In Hand desk piece. These are too small to accommodate even the "mini" binder clips.

The Angel Puck contains the scolecite crystals along with a larger clip pressurized quartz crystal.

The Angel puck can also be "pulserized." See the options menu below for pricing.