Copper Top "Pulser Puck"


The orgonite Pulser Puck is designed to robustly transmit vibrations to the quartz crystal via a binder clip magnetically coupled to a strong neodymium magnet (40 lb. pull) and a large washer the idea being that placing the puck on vibrating surfaces will create a small current in the quartz crystal via the piezoelectric effect thus amplifying the orgone field. The large washer is intended to be a vibrational reflector thus helping to localize the vibration further to the crystal. Furthermore, the binder clip places the crystal in much more compression than does the shrinkage of the resin alone which has always been recognized as a part of the orgonite effect even if it is poorly understood, so the extrapolation is that the binder clip is adding to the oomph. That is certainly my own empirical observation about the pulser especially when it is perched on vibrating surfaces.

What you see in the photo above is invisibly embedded in the orgonite puck which is visually indistinguishable from the regular copper pucks except for a notation on the bottom of the puck saying “Pulser.” The magnet lurks just below the bottom surface of the puck so that it can firmly grab onto ferrous metal surfaces.

My favorite places to perch the puck are on the metal frames of box fans and especially on the top grill of outside air conditioning compressors (see photos) which vibrate quite a bit while also being immediately underlain by the unit’s fan motor—a perfect storm of orgonite stimulation— both the electromagnetic field coming off the motor and the vibration of the cooling fan motor combine to really juice up the orgone field. Other potential placements - automobile frames, audio speakers, refrigerator tops - whatever hums or jiggles.

The Pulser Puck does not require a ferrous metal surface—any vibrating surface flat enough to support the puck will do as is the case with any of my other pucks. The slight advantage to the Pulser is that the body of the magnet whether or not it is magnetically engaged with the surface provides nonetheless an amplifying extension between the quartz inside the puck and the surface the puck is sitting on.
As usual, as many as 6 of these pucks or any combination of other pucks will tidily fit in the smallest USPS priority mailer and ship for $7.15 within the USA.

Any of the premium pucks - Angel, Seer, Traveler - can be "pulserized." See the option menus at the bottom of those pucks' pages for pricing.