Lilac Lepidolite - 6mm beads


Limited Quantities

High grade Lilac Lepidolite - 6mm bead diameter - 26 inch length

These beads are from the Madagascar find a few years ago and are of superlative uniformity, density, and luster. The quality of the stone means that the energy absorbed and then reflected back at you will be coherent and smooth without any harshness or disharmony. Like most of the lithium containing stones they are relaxing and soothing. The 26 inch length makes them easy to fit over the head.

“The Book Of Stones” say about Lilac lepidolite:
“The deeply relaxing energies of lepidolite take a wonderful turn in this lilac-colored variety. Its vibration is immediately soothing, facilitating the release of stress, tension, and worries. Its energy is like a deep, warm bath for the aura – cleansing away the emotional and psychic debris of the day and balancing the emotional body.
In addition to its stress releasing properties Lilac Lepidolite is a heart-healing stone. Its soothing, supportive energies are excellent for those who are grieving after a loss, or for those who have experienced some other sort of emotional trauma. Lilac Lepidolite is especially good at soothing and supporting the emotional bodies of children and pets.”

I have been making hand knotted necklaces for a few years. Purist jewelers serious about stone energies tend to use knotted necklaces to minimize the antenna influence of metal wires though the differences may be subtle. Supple, knotted necklaces also drape wonderfully on the body, and if a necklace breaks the beads don't go bouncing off every which way. Knots also separate the beads and keep them from wearing against each other. The Griffin "High Performance" beading thread that appeared on the market recently has revolutionized knotted necklace making. This material is 15 times stronger than steel for a given thread diameter and certainly stronger than silk or nylon which had a reputation for fraying and breaking with heavy wear.
Continuous knotted necklaces are beautifully simple and strong with no clasps to fiddle with, and the spaced beads of high grade are each highlighted and accentuated by the arrangement.

Note: These necklaces are not about moderating EMF's, but they can be helpful in repairing an aura damaged by electropollution.

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