Orgonia Pendant


1 1/2 inch diameter orgonia pendant. (Chain length customizable for no extra charge.)

These are basically smaller versions of the copper top pucks (but with copper shavings only) mounted in an antiqued copper bezel. Tiny quartz crystals are tucked into the resin bound shavings along with the additives such as scolecite crystals from Narsik, India (see fourth photo.) Scolecite is sublimely relaxing and calming and is also both piezoelectric and pyroelectric meaning that within the matrix of orgonia it responds both to vibration and thermal shifts. Lying against your chest it responds to vibration when you speak, and it responds and is energized by the heat of your body as well.

The last four inches of chain are large looped and can be engaged by the clasp anywhere along the 4 inch length which makes the chain adjustable from 20 to 24 inches.

These have a wonderful, relaxing energy that can ride around with you all day long and look good doing it. The finely chopped recycled pure copper wire has a intricate and elegant looking texture. These are rugged pieces of jewelry that can survive outdoor activities.

From "The Book Of Stones."
"The phrase that best summarizes the energy of scolecite is "inner peace." These stones in both tumbled and crystal form emanate a deep peace that can resonate through one's entire auric field. For those who wish to enhance meditation, sleep more restfully, or dream more sweetly, scolecite is highly recommended.
Emotionally, scolecite enhances the heart chakra energies making the spontaneous expression of love a more frequent experience. It is a good stone to exchange between lovers, helping to establish a constant invisible connection between their hearts."